Thank you to Bronson’s for helping mitigate the spread of this terrible illness!

Robert Coffey, Employee

I’m a Clinical Pharmacist in ER at Bronson Battle Creek. I got my vaccination last week. Our Son Robby is an ER tech an Northwestern in Chicago. He got vaccinated too. Our daughter Andrea is a Physical Therapist in Utah and will be vaccinated this evening. My wife Tammy is a Nurse in Grand Rapids. she will be vaccinated soon too. I am also thankful to Bronson for helping provide the vaccine and take a leadership role in addressing the pandemic. I hope this give you a sense of our family’s commitment to the care and safety of others, and our appreciation for Bronson’s efforts to mitigate the spread of this terrible illness!

For our family, it’s about considering the needs of others first. We have friends and family with comorbidities that put them at risk and we will take all precautions we can to protect them. My wifes’ Mother is a retired nurse and lives in Traverse City. She’s 83 and we want to do all we can to help her have many more active years. My wife Tammy is an RN and works in a surgical scheduling and follow up clinic in Grand Rapids. She sees patients, but takes all precautions available to protect her teammates, patients and our family. Our son, Robby works at Northwestern in Chicago and hopes to get into PA school. He wants to care for under served, marginalized populations. He understands how important it is ta take precautions with COVID. Our daughter Andrea is a Physical Therapist. Some of her patients are recovering from COVID and she helps them gain strength and mobility. Although very athletic, Andrea also has asthma and understands the need to protect herself as well as the patients she serves. Our other daughter Alyssa is a lawyer in Chicago. She dedicates most of her time helping people find asylum and immigration to this country legally. Many of her clients are in at risk populations too.

When I think of the sacrifices our parents and grandparents willingly made to get through the depression WW-II, and more, it seems a small ask for us to mask up, distance, get vaccinated and do all we can to support one another during this crisis. I’m confidant that as vaccines roll out, and if we continue to be cautious, we will see new cases, hospitalizations and mortality drop through 2021. We’re not out of the woods yet, but I’m optimistic.