Thank you to all the staff

Layne Endres , Family Member
Hi, My son Drew had a very complicated elbow surgery with Dr. King. The surgery went well, and he went to recovery Phase 1. He woke up from the surgery, and seemed to being doing well. Drew transitioned to Phase 2 recovery. When I arrived at Phase 2 Drew was in a considerable amount of pain. And I mean excruciating pain. His nurse (and I apologize I didn’t get her name) noted this change in his pain level, after several doses of medication he was still inconsolable. This nurse reacted quickly and professionally, she immediately called Dr. King, and transported Drew back to Phase 1. The staff was well coordinated, his Phase 1 nurse Paula, RN, called anesthesia, and Dr. Stark was able to do a nerve block pump. During the procedure Mary, RN, got a chair for me, rubbed my back and got me some water. It took a bit for the pain to get relieved but everyone was so attentive. I just wanted to say thank you to all the staff and who recognized a big change in pain level, addressed it, and resolved it. Thanks so much.
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