Thank you to all involved in my care

Susan Purchase, Patient

I am a patient as well as a Bronson employee for 37 years. I recently needed to have special imaging of my right breast for a problem. A mass was found that needed to have a biopsy.  I was very impressed with each and every person that I came in contact with during the 2 days I was receiving care. I had contact with the nurse navigator, Jody, at the Mary Coleman Center after the problem was diagnosed and scheduled for the biopsy 3 days later.  My biopsy went very well and everyone helped to make what could have been a very stressful situation a very calm and smooth day. I would especially like to thank Dr. Eric Payne for his great care. He was very kind and caring and took the time to explain everything to me before the procedure. Others involved in my care were Jennifer Rzeppa, Katie Mathes, Dawn Marks and Debbie, who was the medical assistant the day of my procedure. I am sorry that I do not know her last name. She was also very helpful. I am proud to be a Bronson employee and especially proud that we have a system in place for women that have the type of problem that I did.  It was certainly a stressful time for me.  My results came back yesterday and were positive. Thank you to all involved in my care. I appreciate each and every one of you!