Thank you so much Emergency Department and NCCU

Sarah Cohen, Family Member

I want to express my gratitude to the emergency department (ED) and the neuro-critical care unit for caring for my husband during a scary event for our family. My husband, a young, active and overall healthy person started having strange neurological problems. We went to the emergency department and the symptoms cleared up on their own. He was sent home with recommendations for follow up and we moved on with our week. Several days later he started having symptoms again and he went back to the ED. This time his severity necessitated a stroke call down, which was shocking, but the nurses and providers made me feel like he was being well cared for. The emergency department was amazing at making things happen. I also appreciated the care of the social worker, Jamie, who helped my mother-in-law and me understand what was going on while there was a lot of commotion going on around us.

Upon admission to the NCCU, we knew that he was receiving excellent care. The nurses were kind and attentive despite staffing shortages and COVID surges. Dr. Morgan and Lisa Carolan-Katz were the absolute best care team. Again, we felt like we had good communication and they took the time to answer our questions. We can’t thank the whole team enough for everything they did to keep him safe in a completely unexpected episode. We are grateful for the immediate interventions, and the full spectrum of services we experienced. We are grateful for the careful consideration of our providers that lead to a diagnosis that was thankfully not a stroke. During this time of challenge to the medical community, we appreciate the compassion and dedication given by our medical team. He was able to come home to our two-year-old son without missing a beat and that means everything to us. Thank you so much Emergency Department and NCCU!

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