Thank You OSU Nurses

Lacresha Hearn, RN, Patient

It has been six months since my aunt passed away from Pancreatic Cancer and I still think about the nurses that became a part of our family during this stressful and time in our lives. I knew my aunt was in the best hospital and that Bronson would do everything they could to make her comfortable. The nurses on OSU are among the best in the nation with skills talent compassion and creativity made both lengthy stays for my aunt more tolerable. Bringing her a cake and singing to her at the time of discharge from the hospital will forever remain in my heart. My aunt was sent home with hospice and less than 24 hrs after returning home she said “I want to go back to Bronson.” We all laughed, she truly bonded with all of the nurses on the OSU, she opened up to them and trusted them. As an employee I was able to work and know that my aunt was in good hands. Thank You to the wonderful nurses on the Ortho-Surgical unit, you ladies are amazing~

P.S. the attached photo was taken by one of the nurses on the OSU, she forever captured my aunt and myself just weeks before my aunt passed away.