Thank you, Kirk, for supporting our team!

Kelvin Oliver, System Director of Security

As Kirk Richardson, Senior Vice President and Bronson Battle Creek COO, approaches his retirement, our Security Department is sharing a special recognition for all Kirk has done to support the team:

Working with Kirk over the past several years has been a pleasure. He offers enormous skills and experience in emergency response. His logical, systematic approach to solving issues combined with his ability to make himself available when needed has helped our department – and the whole Bronson system – run as smoothly as possible.

With support from former CEO Frank Sardone and current CEO Bill Manns, Kirk helped to create the groundwork for us to continue offering community security, as well as evolve from Bronson Security Officers to Healthcare Security Specialists! This included a wage compensation increase and a tiered system of job code promotion. He was also influential in the development of Healthcare Security Specialists being added to our Bronson Lakeview and Bronson South Haven campuses.

Kirk has an “All In Team” attitude and humbleness that compels Bronson’s entire security team to wish Kirk and his family nothing but good fortune and Positivity in their future endeavors!