Thank you is not enough but we do thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Whitney Ihrman-Holmes, Family Member

My father came to The Bronson E.D. this summer after having an accident. From the time we walked in the doors of Bronson, we felt Bronson Positivity! Dr. Walsh, RN Adrianne and the whole team were amazing. They went above and beyond to keep us informed, listened to our concerns and make us all feel comforted. Spending the next two days in TCU was a similar experience. RN’s Chelsea, Josh and all of the others were patient and caring. We can’t say enough about PA, Mark Remmler. He is truly wonderful! Honest, intelligent, calm and caring. He listened and took our thoughts and ideas to heart. He was straight forward and truly cared about my Dad’s physical health but also his spirits. The ladies that work in the (TCU follow up care) M325 office were cheerful and genuinely glad to see us. The same goes for everyone on the first floor check in and diagnostic testing.

My Dad ended up having surgery in July. It was outpatient surgery but was performed at inpatient surgery. Again, we can’t say enough but EVERYONE from the staff in the waiting area to the pre-op and post-op care especially RN Kelley. She even hugged me as we left! My heart was full as we left that long, emotional, 13 hour day!

On to Dr. Mollberg (M460) and staff. He was confident and encouraging. We immediately felt at ease upon meeting and talking to him. The surgery was a success and follow up care has been as well. In post-op we had PA-C Jim DiTaranto by our side to teach us about bandage changes and drainage procedures. Jim has been available to answer questions, take phone calls and assist us along the recovery process. He is truly an exceptional person and PA!

My mom and I are former BMH employees. We have always loved this place, but being on the other side of things as a patient family member is a different story. We now love “this place” even more. EVERYONE we have come in contact with has made us feel cared for. Thank you is not enough, but we do thank you from the bottom of our hearts.