THANK YOU, I will never forget what you all did for my son

Abbey Denton, Family Member

My 5 year old son Harvey was admitted a couple weeks ago with MIS-C. This was terrifying to me, not only because my baby was miserable but because he had something that was so new with so many unknowns. All of the Attending and Resident Drs. , along with the nursing staff were AMAZING. They treated my son with the best care, not only physical but emotional as well. They went above and beyond and by the time we left I felt like we were a part of the Bronson family. Ellen, the Phlebotomist (I think) brought us pictures of her dog and cats because my son likes animals. Our nurses Ben and Brittany were quick and thorough and made my every worry into their own. Dr T and Dr Hallas both explained things so that I could understand and gave me comfort and relief. The resident, I don’t remember their names, not only answered every question but they let me cry and have my moments without judgement or minimizing. After we left the hospital by son was supposed to get a dose of his meds, I didn’t get to the pharmacy on time so Dr Maritza Rivera Valensuela helped me find an open pharmacy and made sure that I got what we needed. This is the scariest thing my family has ever been through and I couldn’t have done it without this team. If any of them get to read this I want to say THANK YOU, I will never forget what you all did for my son.

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