Thank you from not just a fellow employee, but also a wife

Ann McCarthy, Employee

As a Bronson employee, I was already proud to work here.  My husband recently had shoulder surgery performed by Dr. Sytsma.  He was excellent from the consultation to post surgery.  I can honestly say that I am even more grateful and would tell anyone that cares to know, I work for Bronson!  The care that he received from everyone; Dr. Schulz, Andrea our RN and all the countless others, was amazing to say the least.  Some knew I worked here and some did not.  I almost felt like a secret shopper! It didn’t matter.  I know the care he got was what any patient would receive.  I truly wanted to remember each and every person’s name that helped us so I could recognize them here.  I didn’t want to be that person that only said a few and didn’t give their last name, but here I am.  As the caregiver, you are so distracted with the events of the day, it is easy to miss those details.  That does not discount the recognition they deserve.  Each and every one of them exemplifies what Bronson is about.  Thank you from not just a fellow employee, but also a wife that is very appreciative he was in such good hands.

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