Thank you for saving my life when it was hard to go on

Steve Smolinski, Patient

In January of 2020 I experienced pain like I’ve never felt before even after 2 near death car accidents I went to my primary who then recommended Dr. Bruce Rowe, I managed to get my XRays of my hips and he determined that I had a vascular necrosis of both hips and then Covid-19 hit and my surgery was postponed until further notice I was beyond heartbroken because I had to work through this with extremely bad hips and there wasn’t relief in sight and I had to make the choice of ending this pain for myself or stay strong and fight through it, even though I decided to fight through this it was absolutely the worst pain imaginable I didn’t think I was going to make it through and even wrote my will (I’m not nearly old enough for that) so I got a call I believe in august and it was Dr. Rowe saying they could get me in ASAP to do my left hip and I was in tears when I heard this, October 6th I received my new hip and it was amazing the whole staff made me feel comfortable throughout such a nightmare time, I’m set to get my right hip done December 1st, Dr. Rowe saved my life if it wasn’t for him I’d be in the ground by now. Thank you for saving my life when it was hard to go on. THANK YOU!!!