Thank you for saving me!!

Shuang Gan, Patient

My name is Shuang Gan. I was hospitalized in Fieldstone Center for more than one month for Bipolar Disorder in 2008. I was an international student at that time. People in hospital call me Crystal then. I had just moved to USA in 2008 and I forgot to take my medicine, then I was sick. My church friends sent me to Fieldstone. I felt so thankful! The doctors and nurses took care of me very well. I was confused and frightened. One day I asked a nurse “will you harm me or will you help me?” And she said “I will help you because I have a daughter your age.” Another time, all of the nurses wore blue patient clothes. I asked them why they were wearing the same clothes as the patients do. They said because we are together!! Later, I got better and I was discharged. I never forgot all the doctors and nurses!!! My life moved on. I graduated from WMU and I got job in Ann Arbor. I moved out of Kalamazoo area. Then I got married and pregnant. My baby will be 2 years old in December. I am stable and I have a normal life now thanks to the medicine and thanks to all the care I got from doctors and nurses!! I love you!! Thank you for saving me!!

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