Thank you Bronson Commons for making this time in our mom’s life comfortable

Rosemary Stoynoff, Family Member

A little over a year ago our 93 year old mother, Virginia Stimac, broke her hip and was sent to Bronson Commons for rehabilitation. Though the Bronson physical therapy team tried their best to get our mother back on her feet, she was unable to regain her independence. She is now residing in the assisted living section of Bronson Commons. The staff in her section are very caring and try their best to make her comfortable. The facility is clean and bright an abundance of windows. The kitchen staff also are very friendly and try to accommodate our mom’s likes and dislikes. Ask our mother about her favorite foods and she will unhesitatingly answer breakfasts. She loves her grilled cheese and meatloaf meals.

Even though everyone is friendly, she has her favorite nurses and aides who make her laugh and brighten her day! So, on behalf of our mom, we the family want to say “thank you” Bronson Commons for making this time in our mom’s life comfortable.

Family of John Stimac and Rosemary Stoynoff