Thank you for helping my brother get better

Jada Gray, Family Member

My aunt picked me up from school so we could go to the hospital because my mom was having my brother (Sugel Gabriel Hernandez) when we got there my grandma and cousin and sister were there. After a few hours my mom came in. Gabriel was so cute after a while my whole family was there. We would come everyday after some days the doctors said there was some things wrong with him he wouldn’t poop,when somebody wanted to hold him we would have to be held with a glowing pad under him. Then we were told that he was gonna be transferred to Bronson (He was born at Borgess hospital) NICU. It was sad that he was gonna stay in a hospital for a month before he got to go home. Me and my mom would come everyday. He had to have sugery. After a mouth went by he was able to do anything a baby his age would be able to do. For days we would kept being told he would come home. A few weeks passed and he was finally able to come homeπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ. Now he is a healthy cute baby. Xoxo Thank you for helping my brother get better.

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