Thank you for all you do for your patients each day

Amy Pierman, Patient

Our daughter was born on November 8, 2017 at Bronson. As a Bronson employee I knew our staff would provide excellent care, but the nurses that cared for myself, my daughter, and our family during my stay exceeded our expectations.

Beth and Taylor were so knowledgeable and helpful as I was admitted; they answered all of our questions and provided excellent education on what to expect during my induction. Nicole H. helped so much during labor by suggesting different options for comfort and assisting through not one but two different epidurals; she comforted me when I became nervous and prepped me for what to expect next. We can’t thank her enough! Nicole on day shift was a great help during delivery and walked us through each step. She made us feel comfortable and provided the detailed education we needed even when the unit was super busy.

Emma, Audrey, Colleen, and Felicity were all so helpful on the mother baby unit as we got used to caring for a newborn. They answered questions, prepared us for what to expect next, and were a huge help when learning to breast feed. The lactation consultants (Bronson Breastfeeding Center) were also extremely knowledgeable and provided so many helpful tips and reassurance both during my stay and after.

I can’t thank the wonderful nursing staff at the Kalamazoo Birth Place (Bronson BirthPlace – Kalamazoo) enough for a great experience. Their expertise and passion for their careers were evident each step of the way. Thank you for all you do for your patients each day!

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