Thank you Dr. Russell for fixing my knee

Robert Burleson, Patient

I hurt my left knee in November 2015. I met Dr. Russell in December 2016 after having an MRI. He looked at the MRI for about 5 seconds, He said “I know what is wrong, and I can fix it in 45 minutes. You are going to need surgery” I was dumbfounded in a good way. He explained what was wrong, a torn patella, and what he would do to fix it. In January of 2016, he operated on me. 6 years later it’s as if I never hurt myself. He is the best Dr. I have ever seen in my life. I’m almost 50 years old. I’ve seen many Drs for various reasons. He is a Dr above the rest. He can be trusted. Thank you Dr. Russell for fixing my knee. You are awesome!!