Thank you Dr. Rogers, for your kind and gracious heart

Jean Finney, Family Member

I am writing to tell you about the incredible experience our family, and my grandfather had with Dr. Chris Rogers. After a fall last summer, my gramps underwent a number of tests and procedures to try to prepare him for shoulder surgery to alleviate the unbearable amount of pain he was in every day since the fall. Ultimately, his health deteriorated over time, and during a hospitalization, he made the decision to come home with hospice care, and spend the rest of his days with family in the comfort of his own home.

Prior to that point, my Grandpa was sent to Dr. Rogers to be able to get a new heart valve, in preparation for shoulder surgery. From day one, my grandpa felt that Dr. Rogers was his number one advocate, doing everything in his power to get my grandpa through all of the hoops required to get him to the surgery that would alleviate his pain. Our family and Grandpa all knew, that with his severe health issues, his odds of surviving all of this were slim, but it was a chance Grandpa was willing to take, as living with the pain he was in was not an option.

On the day that Grandpa was loaded in an ambulance to come home and be in hospice care, Dr. Rogers came up to see my Grandpa off. I cry every time I tell this story, as I cry now, just writing about it. Dr. Rogers spoke so kindly to my Grandpa, reminding him that he has lived such an honorable life, that he will surely be going to heaven when he leaves his earthly body. He was honest, and loving, and sincere. Dr. Rogers was such a cheerleader in that impossibly hard moment, as Grandpa was being tucked in the ambulance stretcher about to depart, and he truly gave my Grandpa (and myself, a nurse of 20 years!) the courage we were lacking in that moment. I know that my Grandpa genuinely loved Dr. Rogers, and Grandpa knew, that Dr. Rogers genuinely loved him too. My Grandpa felt so honored to have by the care and concern that Dr. Rogers showed him.

Once settled at home, Grandpa hung in there longer than he or anyone else anticipated! He was surrounded by family and friends 24 hours a day to the very end. Dr. Rogers called my grandpa on 3 separate occasions. Grandpa was too weak to hold the phone, but I would put it on speaker for him, and Dr. Rogers would say something like, “Hey Hank! I just called to let you know I’m thinking of you, and I hope you are having lots of time with the people you love!” These short, but so sweet calls meant the world to my Grandpa, and always brought a huge smile to his face.

Thank you Dr. Rogers, for your kind and gracious heart. Not only are you a wonderful cardiologist, but you are an exceptionally wonderful man. As you know, my Gramps really was one of a kind, and you truly made such an impact on him. Our entire family felt so blessed by your involvement in his life, and you certainly made a huge impact in making the “goodbye for now” more manageable.