THANK YOU Dr. Corpus!

Nicole Allbee, Family Member

I really want to share how amazing our experience was at Bronson with Dr. Bryan Corpus.  You absolutely need to know how much of a difference Dr. Corpus made in our experience and how valuable he was to us. Having a 14 month old child in the ER and being admitted is terrifying. Dr. Corpus sat with us for a very long time and went through each number on the test results to explain the test, what it showed, and why it mattered for our daughter. He talked to us like real people and took our concerns into account when making decisions for her care. We are SO grateful that he was there to walk us through that experience. While we hope to never need to work with him again, if our girls ever need to be in the Children’s Hospital we know they’ll be in excellent hands. THANK YOU Dr. Corpus!

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