Thank you does not even begin to touch how grateful we are for your staff

Kelley Kucharczyk, Family Member

Thank you does not even begin to touch how grateful we are for your staff. They helped our 12 year old son through a very scary ordeal with compassion, understanding and even some humor that he needed.

He was snowboarding for his first time on Thursday and wrapped himself around a tree. Only by the grace of God was there no back, head, or neck injuries. He did break his leg though. For a child who has never rode in an ambulance let alone have surgery, this was very overwhelming and scary. The ambulance team was amazing! They let him “help” put his IV in and pick the music for his ride. They even called us twice while we were en route to give us updates.

Then he arrives at the ER. His whole team once again could not have done anything else to make Ian and us know that we were in the best hands. We felt it from the minute we sat down.

After being admitted, Ian’s care was turned over to the 3rd floor staff at Bronson Children’s Hospital and he had surgery the next morning. From there, the excellent care continued literally every step of the way from the nurses, Dr. Roberts and his coworkers, the EVS staff, the kitchen staff, PT, and the volunteers. I hope I am not missing anyone! Thank you for being so considerate and loving to a 12 year old that laid on the ski slope scared out of his mind on Thursday night to later saying he really liked it here when we pulled away on Saturday. And his parents thank you, too. 🙂

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