Thank you Bronson Trauma Team!

Yvonne Mcnally, Patient

December 4, 2015 was a very scary day for my family. I apparently was very ill for about 6 weeks or more. After several trips to my family doctor. He said my issues will go way if only I. Would loose weight.This is true but on December 4, 2015, my daughter called to. Check on me because I hadn’t felt good the day before.When my husband woke me around 7:00 am, I was found slurry words, stumbly around. When the paramedics had arrived I was unable to respond. After arriving at. Bronson. The trauma team went at my condition full power,trying everything they could think of,they were unable to do any testing that involved die.My vital organs were beginning to shutdown .They told my husband and children that it looks like immediate surgery,to put in. Colonoscopy bag . They came out of surgery saying it was not necessary for the procedure to be done. They called in any family that would like to see me to say good bye. They did find in the 2 exploratory surgery, this time they had found an ulcer that have blown a very large hole in my stomach. Durning all this time running extremely high temperature. I also went Secptic..They then on the 3 rd day they put blue die my stomach to be sure the hole was completely shut. I had blue coming out every Orpheus in my body. My daughter said I looked like a blue smurf. They found another ulcer that actually put an even larger hole in my stomach . At that time they removed my spleen and appendix.Then another bleed was found in the inner wall of my stomach,it was like an anyresum that the only way to correct this type of issue is catching it at the time of the the doctor sit in my room for 45 minutes waiting to cortirize the bleed.He went that extra mile in my care.i was in an induced coma for seventeen days. I was hospitalized in Bronson’s trauma unit from Dec.4 until Feb 5.2016!

The Trauma team I want to applaud them on a job well done. They  found the issue and they went to work.

Between the Prayers going up on my behalf and the great group of doctors. I am still here breathing on my own.

I was incubated for breathing I then had to go into another facility to be weened from the breathing machine . I went into a facility in Grand Rapids in which I was there from Feb.2016 until March 23,2016!!

After reading on the Internet ,normally people don’t pull through this kind of thing. I am even more convinced that with the quickness of the Trauma team, and the Lord being utilized through the Trauma team. And all the prays from all over the universe people praying on my behalf. Thank you Bronson Trauma Team

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