Thank you Bronson nurses for everything you do!

Jordan Christensen, Community Member

This past spring, I graduated from Decatur High School. I am currently studying at Kalamazoo Valley Community College in the early education program, and plan to transfer to Ferris State next fall. While in high school, I was accepted into a program called the Van Buren Middle College program through the Van Buren Tech Center. The program pays for students to take college courses during high school, as well as the year after high school graduation.

As I work to finish up the program, I am required to complete a community service project. This was important to me, so I thought long and hard about what interests me most. Then COVID-19 happened, and I knew I wanted to do something to thank nurses. Their jobs are already stressful, but then to add a pandemic to everything… I can’t even imagine how crazy it was in the hospitals. Nurses work so hard and, unfortunately, a lot of that work goes unnoticed.

For my project, I decided to make thank you bags for them, as a way to recognize all they do for our community.

My mom, Sandi Christensen, works at Bronson as a coding specialist and helped coordinate everything for approval and delivery. We knew there were a lot of restrictions due to COVID-19, so we first wanted to make sure we would be allowed to donate them. She worked with Liz Semaan, executive director with the Bronson Health Foundation, to make all the arrangements.

Once we received approval, I set a goal for 200 thank you bags for nurses on the front line. I typed up an information sheet about the project and went around to local businesses in the Decatur community to see if there was anything they were willing to contribute. I also made a post on my Facebook page to see if any of my friends or family would be interested. I raised $475, which was way more than what I was anticipating. I also received a handful of in-kind items like treats and snacks, and my cousin hand-made all the gift tags to be placed on the bags. There’s no way this would have been as successful as it was without everyone’s help. It was incredible to have that kind of support from people in my community.

From there, I made a list of everything I wanted to include in the bags. I thought about all the things nurses might like or enjoy. Then, it was time to go to the store, which turned out to be multiple trips because I kept miscounting the items. I’d start filling everything and realize, “Oh no, I have to go get more of _____!”

While my mom works for the hospital, the real reason I wanted to donate to Bronson is because three years ago, my grandpa was in a really bad situation where he was given an 11% change to live. He was transferred to Bronson Methodist Hospital. Everyone there was so good. He was able to be with us for a little more than one month until his passing, which was a lot more time than anyone expected. The staff did everything they could for him, and I am so appreciative for them.

I want to thank Bronson nurses – in general – for everything that they do, especially during this pandemic. I’m sure times have been really tough and stressful. Nurses endure a lot, and I want to thank them for everything they do.

*The following are contributors to my project:

  • Newell’s Insurance Agency
  • Decatur Lumber Company
  • First State Bank of Decatur
  • Modern Woodman
  • Paulette’s Potting Shed
  • Chelsea Wiles
  • Marcia Krueger In Memory of Bob Krueger
  • Tonya Colvin
  • Kaley and Ryan Athey
  • Kyle and Sandi Christensen
  • Mike and Barbara Wallis

+ Multiple Anonymous Donations

Some of the nursing managers wanted to say thank you to Jordan for her donation. Click the links to read Corrie’s and Alaina’s stories.