Thank you Bronson for an exceptional experience

Spencer & Molly Haworth, Family Member

On May 13, our one-year-old daughter, Ava, had outpatient surgery for tubes. We are first-time parents and this was our first surgery for our little one. Leading up to the surgery, we were nervous about how we would feel when the moment came for our little one to be taken back for the procedure. However, we had a great experience thanks to Bronson staff.

From the moment we pulled up, we were greeted by staff who was screening for COVID-19. They were very friendly and got us through quickly. When we were brought back to the pre-op room, there were toys and a surgery “woof woof” (a stuffed animal dog that is funded by the Bronson Health Foundation). Ava loved these toys and it kept her entertained the entire time. Each staff member involved came by to introduce themselves, go over the procedure, and then answer any questions we had. Then the time came! Two nurses (Cara C and Rhonda) came to get Ava and they had the face shields on so Ava could see their faces. They were very bubbly, energetic, and engage with Ava in a way that made her so comfortable with them. More importantly, they made my wife comfortable.

After the procedure, Dr. Prophit came and met with us to talk through how the procedure went and give us advice on the following days. She was very helpful and so kind. When we went to the recovery room, our little girl was disoriented from the anesthesia so the team brought in a sensory rover (which is also funded by the Bronson Health Foundation) and this was a game-changer. The rover has a bubbler that lights up. The sound, the motion and the colors distracted her from the things she was feeling and kept her entertained.

We can’t thank the nurses and Dr. Prophit enough for their exceptional care in making Ava and us comfortable. The surgery “woof woof” is Ava’s new favorite toy and comfort item. It was the first thing she went for the morning after to play with and she carries it with her everywhere. Thank you Bronson for an exceptional experience.

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