Thank you Bronson and your fabulous staff

Debra Hanna, Patient

I was told by my primary care to go to the Emergency Department (ED) as I was having extreme pain in my back. The problem was that it seemed as if almost everyone in Kalamazoo was having issues too. The staff,  and I do mean all the staff was totally amazing, calming and extremely professional. All in all, unfortunately we were there most of 8 hour, but I was treated with such respect and warm kindness. I was obviously very frightened, but my nurse DUSTIN was over the top wonderful. He did absolutely everything to make me comfortable and calm. I’m a 72 year old woman but I couldn’t resist telling him that I loved his look, In front of my husband too, but that’s beside the point. He made my stay bearable. I am sorry that I couldn’t properly thank him as he had worked a very long and extremely busy shift. He went home and I didn’t thank him, so thank you Dustin aka Dustin Hoffman, and also my Doctor Dr. Austin Jule was nothing less than amazing. Everything he did for me has worked! I had a great sleep last night, and woke up after many meds feeling 75%better! Thank you Dr. Jule! I love the fact that most of my tests/exrays etc were given to me in my room. You were all amazing and so appreciated. Thank you Bronson and your fabulous staff. I am humbled.

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