Thank you to the BBC environmental services team for their fast and effective action

Jim McKernan, Employee

Today we recognize Ben Arnold, Cheryl Cowan, Christy Garges, Mary Perez and Dan Taylor from our environmental services team for outstanding and effective response to an emergency situation.

All of us at Bronson Battle Creek have been impacted by the broken water main that caused a flood in our outpatient facility in April. Today, I want to recognize and thank our ‘first responders’ from environmental services who spotted the issue, spread the alarm, acted immediately, and greatly limited the damage. While the water damage here was very serious – it could have been even more significant if not for their efforts.

Congratulations to Dan Taylor, Mary Perez, Christy Garges, Cheryl Cowan and Ben Arnold for your fast and effective action that night. And thanks to hundreds of others across BBC who have served in the effort to clean-up, recover, maintain business, and care for our patients and families during a stressful episode.