Thank you all for the excellent care

Kristin Hughson, Family Member

I want to give huge thanks to ALL the staff on the Adult Medical Unit (AMU). My father, Harry Madison, was admitted for cellulitis just before Easter weekend. Dad has been a frequent flyer here at Bronson for many years. We have always had excellent care, but this last admission was truly amazing. Dad told me that AMU provided the BEST care he has EVER received at Bronson. The nursing staff was top notch and even one the PCA brought the patients a little Happy Easter wish. I must also thank Dr. Tracy Pierce. I have known Tracy since he was a resident and spent time on the pediatric unit. He is so kind, patient, and smart. He really made a positive impact on dad and my family. We are truly lucky to have his expertise here at Bronson. This was the first admission in 24 years where I had TOTAL trust in the team and I did not need to be physically at the hospital. Thank you all for the excellent care.

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