Thank you

Andrea Simmons, RN, Patient

As a former Bronson RN I was always taking care of someone elses mother. But on August 29th, the patient being taken care of was my mother. I had gotten a call from the assisted living facility where she lived. When I arrived, it became apparent that she was having a stroke. After we arrived at the Bronson Emergency Room it was quickly determined that she was a candidate for TPA Therapy if they could bring her blood pressure into acceptable parameters. Tracey, RN, Sally, RN and Andrea RN along with Jeremy the Pharmacist, and Dr. Collins all worked very hard to finally bring her blood pressure down enough that she was able to recieve the TPA minutes before the three hour time frame had elapsed. My mother went to the Trauma Care Unit to be observed for complications from the TPA she received excellent care from Brandi RN, Cheryl, RN and Patricia RN. Because she was doing so well she went to the NVU where Lynda, RN treated her with patience and kindness. I am happy to tell you that my mom is back at home with no reisdual effects from her stroke due to the hard work of the people at Bronson. Thank you to Dr Kang and the Red team and the Internal Medicine doctors, and OT, PT, Speech, and all of the other staff who had a part in my mothers recovery.