Teamwork helps us change lives

Jim McKernan, Employee

Today we recognize our lab, emergency, and surgery departments for shared efforts that saved a life and truly demonstrated our commitment to exceptional care.

Recently, a gentleman arrived at Bronson Battle Creek (BBC) Emergency Department with serious abdominal pain.  The pain progressed and he suffered a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA).  This is a truly life-threatening emergency with virtually no chance of survival unless it occurs in a hospital setting.

Without going into great detail, the exceptional skills of our emergency team; the rapid, high quality response by our lab; and the skilled intervention of our surgery team all combined to save a life.

Thanks to BBC surgery, ED, and lab for the great work you do every day.  And I would add that this can only happen with the efforts of so many others across multiple departments whose teamwork helps us change lives.

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