Take me to Bronson

Janice Johnson, a recent patient in the Bronson Methodist Hospital Extended Medical Care Unit, knows all too well what it is like to spend time in the hospital. Over the past several years, Janice has been in and out of several hospitals throughout Michigan for various conditions, including, leukemia, pneumonia, and kidney disease, to name a few. Throughout these experiences, she says that no other hospital has provided the experience she continues to receive at Bronson.

Most recently, Janice was admitted to Bronson for an infection in her bones. It turned out that she needed to have her right leg amputated. Instead of being depressed about the situation, Janice has continuously reminded herself, her family and her providers, about all of the positive aspects in her life. “The Lord has put me where I am today. He gives me the strength to stay strong and remain positive,” says Janice. “Through everything, He puts me in the right spot, at the right time. I think that is why I am at Bronson. I need to be here for my children, my family and my friends, and my doctors have done a good job at that.”

“When I come to Bronson, I know that I will receive the best care,” explains Janice. “I have been here so many times that it seems like everyone knows me and I know everyone here. I will see one of my doctors from 2004 and they will ask what I am doing back here!”

And Janice’s doctors feel the positivity from her as well. Dr. Mark Schauer, one of Janice’s internists, explains how remarkable she is. “Janice has taken an incredibly unfortunate condition and has managed to survive and thrive. She is an inspiration to all of the doctors and nurses here.”

Janice urges patients who are going through difficult times to, “Never give up! Trust your doctors, because they know what they need to do. And always look to the Lord. He has gotten me this far.”

Janice continues to explain her positive outlook by reminding us that she has so many blessings. “I am so blessed to be here today. How can I be unhappy? So you’ve been through sickness – Jesus went through more than we did.”

“There is nobody who isn’t great – the doctors, the nurses, and the PCAs,” explains Janice. “Anytime someone has to bring me to the hospital now, I tell them, ‘take me to Bronson!’”

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