Susan Imanse is wonderful and I am thankful to be her patient

Sam DeRyke, Patient

Bronson Women’s Service is unique in that they see you through every age and every stage. They see teenagers all the way through the elderly and all of the life challenges that come along the way.

Over my time as a patient at Bronson Women’s Service, there are so many things I’ve seen the midwives for. In the beginning, I saw them for consultation on what birth control I should use, and then eventually to talk about family planning.

I ended up struggling with infertility with my first two children. Bronson Women’s Service helped me deal with the infertility, coordinated my care with a specialist, and then they saw me throughout my pregnancies and deliveries. I ended up getting pregnant spontaneously with my third child and they saw me through that labor and delivery as well.

I had all of my children at Bronson. When thinking about what kind of pain management I wanted with the delivery of my first baby, I had no idea what it was going to feel like or what I was going to be able to tolerate, so I had a very open mind. I wanted to do a natural delivery but wanted to prepare myself in case I did need help with pain management.

My midwife was very respectful of what I wanted to do. She helped prepare me for what to expect with an epidural if I needed one. She guided me through the labor and delivery and I ended up not needing the epidural. From that experience I knew that I could do it, so I was able to deliver my other two babies without an epidural as well. No matter what pain management option I chose, they were completely supportive of what I wanted to do.

I owe a lot to Susan Imanse, one of the certified nurse-midwives at Bronson Women’s Service.  She is one of the main reasons I was successful with my birth plans because she gave me great advice when I was pregnant and when thinking about labor and delivery. Her words and thoughts were always on my mind when I was in labor with my kids. She is a wonderful person and I am thankful to be her patient.

I’m all done having kids, but I continue to come to Bronson Women’s Service for my annual exams and to address any other issues that might come up.

I would definitely recommend Bronson Women’s Service to any of my friends. You get that great one on one connection with your provider, and they have the time to spend with you to talk about what’s going on.