Superior Service

Ann-Marie Breese, Patient

This winter was hard on my three kids and I had taken them to another IMC in the area for most of their after hours visits. Each visit included a wait time of at LEAST three hours. With my children being seven and under I found that unacceptable. This past illness we came back to Bronson. We had a slight delay in being seen because it was so busy and the nurses and doctor apologized profusely for our wait. Once we were in a room my daughter was quickly assessed and treated. Even with our “delay” we were out in less than an hour. I delivered two of my children here and had one hospitalized for a week here and all three stays were well above expectations. I don’t know why I ever went to another facility and won’t make that mistake again. I have never had an issue here. I used to work in the medical field and am familiar with procedure on both the financial and medical end and feel that this hospital has it together. No matter how hectic it may be for the staff you would never know it as a patient. Superior service.