Stephan Rucker, PA-C was absolutely amazing

Amanda Welch, Patient

I had a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) Procedure yesterday and this was a very difficult process for me.

Stephan Rucker, PA-C, and his assistant were absolutely amazing. I can’t give them enough praise and recognition that they deserve.
I was so nervous and anxious about this procedure and had a few breakdowns. They were extremely patient, understanding, and sympathetic. I could go on and on.

Stephen’s assistant, I wish I could remember her name… she was phenomenal. She kept me calm and reassured me everything was going to be okay. She played music, tried to distract me with the conversation, and consoled me. She did a great job!

If I ever had to do this again, and I hope I don’t have to, but if I ever had to I would want this same team again. Absolutely amazing. I appreciated so much that they treated me like a person and I could tell they truly cared about my well-being.

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