Starting at Bronson Commons Was Like a Breath of Fresh Air

Mary A, Employee

I’ve worked at Bronson Commons (BCOM) for almost a year. At Bronson, they partner with you and set career goals, they provide a starting point from which you can be ambitious and continue to grow. At this point in my life I have many roles; I am a nurse, a parent and a student. Bronson provides multiple avenues of support for people like me, who are managing work, home and school.

One thing I can say about working at Bronson Common is that I have never been bored. Although it’s impossible to predict what each day will bring, there are a few guarantees at BCOM – your shifts will keep you busy, your teammates will be supportive and the bonds you form with the residents will keep you motivated.

I started my career at Bronson Commons because of a Bronson job fair! I come from critical care work, and starting at Bronson Commons was like a breath of fresh air and is a wonderful change from the ICU. The residents living here are lovely, and I truly feel immense joy and satisfaction from my interactions with them and the work we do here.

The network of support at Bronson Commons, and throughout the greater Bronson network, is incredible. I knew when I started working here that I was ready to plant my roots. Bronson takes care of its employees with generous benefits that apply even to part-timers like me. Throughout the pandemic, Bronson Commons offered gifts of gratitude to recognize and show appreciation for the BCOM employees. These gestures go a long way for frontline healthcare workers, and they remind me why I feel so invested in my work here.

After working here for less than a year, I feel like I truly know the ins and outs of patient care at Bronson Commons. I love being a resource for new staff, and being able to help patients and their loved ones. In fact, I was recognized recently for my nursing mentorship with an exciting professional opportunity at Bronson Commons, and will serve as a clinical instructor for nursing students this fall!

Join Mary on Team Bronson!

Love where you work! When you choose a career at Bronson, you join a team of professionals who care for each other as much as they care for their patients. Learn more about opportunities at Bronson Commons and see current job openings. Attend the Bronson Commons job fair on June 14! To learn about the Bronson Commons job fair, visit