Some people say they have a life changing event; I will share mine

Dave Newlin, Patient

Even after 10 years, Dave (right) is so appreciative of the care he received from Dr. Bernard Roehr (left).

About 10 years ago I knew something had to be done to help relieve the pain in my knees. Every step I took would hurt. I made an appointment to see Dr. Bernard Roehr at Bronson Orthopedic & Joint Specialists and he said there wasn’t any cartilage left in my knees so it was bone-on-bone and that was causing the pain. I went through a series of shots and initially they did help. But it got to the point that I really needed some relief. The best option was knee replacement surgery. But before surgery, since I was overweight, I needed to lose 40 lbs. to have the surgery and eventually I lost 100 lbs. In July 2011, I had knee replacement surgery performed on my left knee.

That September, my left knee was feeling really good. I talked with Dr. Roehr and had knee replacement surgery on my right knee in December. My recovery went well. In 2016, I really started putting on some miles – walking every day. I ended up getting a FitBit to help track my mileage and this Spring I received the FitBit Pole to Pole award for 12,430 lifetime miles. (This is equivalent to walking from the North Pole to the South Pole.)

I developed the goal to walk Camino de Santiago, which starts in St. Jean Pied de Porte France and ends in Santiago de Compestella in Spain. In late 2016, I had an appointment with Dr. Roehr and asked him how many miles I could put on my “new” knees. Dr. Roehr said “as many as you’d like.” I kept building up my mileage, walking lots of trails, mostly walking the Kal-Haven trail week by week building my distance. I eventually did the walk in 2018, starting September 1 and ending on September 28. I walked 500 miles and averaged 18 miles per day. I continued walking another 100 miles to the Atlantic Ocean. It was such a great feeling of accomplishment.

At my recent 10 year checkup, Dr. Roehr said that my knees look like he just put them in. It’s encouraging that after all the walking I’ve done, they are in such good shape.

I really want Dr. Roehr to be aware of how grateful I am. His work truly changed my life.