Some of the best assistance we have experienced

Bonnie Colvin, Family Member

Mark and Ms. DeVries in the stress test lab were absolutely wonderful.  My husband had a stress test scheduled on Wednesday 3/9, but due to the loss of power, our appointment was canceled. Mark contacted us and kept us informed of the power situation. He let us know if there was a cancellation he would call us. Mark called us early in the morning on Thursday 3/9 to schedule an appointment that morning.  By calling early in the morning it allowed my husband time to prep for his test. I was just so thankful for his follow through.

During the stress test, Mark was very kind and encouraging to my husband. Mark motivated him by explaining he only had to do it for 5-7 minutes and that he thought my husband can do it.  He was patient and explained all of the steps when my husband was unsure if he was going to need to have Dobutamine.

This was some of the best assistance we have experienced. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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