So good at her job

Amy Jensen, Patient

I would like to thank a social worker from the Trauma unit. I am so sorry but I can’t remember her name. She called me at work on Monday May 18th and told me that my 91 year old father had been in a severe car accident and had been airlifted from the scene to the hospital. Probably something she does every day in the normal course of her job, but what made this instance so amazing is that my dad did not have any emergency contact information with him. She was very resourceful and thought that a 91 year old had probably been to the local hospital so she contacted the hospital in our town and asked about his next of kin – it just so happens that I work at the hospital and the person taking her call knew that it was my father. They put her in contact with me. Needless to say it was a scary phone call but she was very patient with me and kind. I have thought about this so much over the past week and I don’t know how long it would have been before we knew about my dad if she had not been so good at her job. I wish I could remember her name and if you have some sort of employee recognition she should be high on that list.

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