Small gestures made a world of difference

Staci , Patient

As an employee, I am always behind the scenes. This time I was on the other side as my 5 year old was admitted through the ER. He had been very ill for several days and sent home from another ER after a couple labs the previous night and told to keep drinking and ride out his virus. Naturally, he was terrified of being “poked” again here. The staff here was amazing with both him and I. They talked directly to him and explained everything calmly and clearly. Our ER nurse and physician were amazing and gave us reasonable time frames, told us labs they were running, checked in frequently and gave updates.
Our pediatric hospitalist, Dr. Pijka and the pediatric residents were thorough and amazing with my son. They talked both to him and to myself. Once we were admitted Dr. Pijka stopped in just to drop off some play-doh! For a little guy who is rarely sick, and never hospitalized, all of these small gestures made a world of difference. Our PCA and RN on the pediatric floor constantly asked if they could do anything for either of us and always had smiles on their faces.
It is never good find yourself going to ER or being admitted but when you can walk out with such a positive experience it makes it a much less scary experience.
It is clear, from the time we checked in, the people here are doing far more than a “job.”

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