Shraddha gave me my life back

Catherine A., Patient

Shraddha gave me my life back. I was in a great deal of pain almost every single day for over a year when I started seeing Shraddha for physical therapy for my debilitating knee/leg pain. At first, I did not believe that physical therapy would help, since it had not helped me over a year ago when I went to a different clinic and saw a different PT. After that, I even had knee surgery that did not relieve my pain. Months after my surgery, I returned to my doctor because I was still in the same pain and at that time I was referred to Shraddha for PT. Shraddha showed such genuine concern and compassion and she really listened to me. She made sure she understood exactly what I was experiencing. That alone gave me confidence in her. And it gave me hope that I hadn’t had in a long time. After discussing my pain and mobility limitations, she created a plan that we worked on together for my knee. She knew immediately what exercises would relieve the pain in the front of my knee. She suggested that the pain behind my leg could be originating from my back. I was a bit skeptical because my back didn’t hurt, but by now I believed in her. I asked my doctor to order a test.  The radiology test was clear that I did indeed have an issue with my discs at L5-S1. So- we also started working on PT for my back and I am so happy to be able to say that my pain is significantly decreased, almost gone! My mobility is so much better and my quality of life is back on track!   The exercises she gave me are some that I can do every day at home and each day brings more relief. I truly believe that my pain will be completely gone soon as I continue to do these at home. I believe I have avoided another surgery and I credit Shraddha with that. She is truly amazing. I feel like she’s a miracle worker and I am so grateful to have been referred to her. I feel like she’s given my life back to me.