Shout out to the BSH night shift team for being the best example of Bronson Positivity

Melissa Witham, Employee

Shout out to the Bronson South Haven (BSH) night shift team for being the best example of Bronson Positivity I have ever experienced. They are so welcoming and radiate warmth and professionalism in a way I have not seen at other hospitals.

I broke my elbow this past winter right after I started covering full time on night shift (to cover another lab employee’s extended injury leave), and had to ask for assistance for some draws. They never complained once and instead made sure I was 100% comfortable the whole time I was healing to avoid further injury, assuring me they had my back 100% as coworkers and told me I was valued as part of their team.

The night ER and SCU RNs/PCAs in particular (Vince, Amanda, Sarah, Shirley, Weston, Jen, Gayle, Heather, and Amy) I fiercely love and admire for everything they do for our patients every night. They are A+ quality people and RNs and I would trust them with my life. I’m SO blessed to know them and call them my personal friends– they are the kinds of people to stay up after a 12 hour shift and bake you a cake on your birthday, give you an extra hug or kind words when you’re stressed out, or call your phone from their department just to say hi when they’re busy and know they can’t stop down to chat.

That entire team feels like family to me, and when I’m there with them even on weekends, I’m ecstatic to be there and never want to be anywhere else because I get to work with my favorite people and close friends. I’ve never bonded with a group at work so quickly before and have no doubt they will be the team I will fondly remember when I look back on my career. Thank you to my ER friends, Radiology/Respiratory friends, Registration friends, SCU friends, and EVS friends for being AMAZING at what you do and loving me so well. Keep rocking at it and show the rest of Bronson what Bronson Positivity looks like! I can’t wait to be back with you all soon!