She’s a gem and should be applauded

Paula Schriemer, M.D., Provider

I wanted to recognize Cindy Commissaris, RN. I am an anesthesiologist with Kalamazoo Anesthesiology, and the other day I was assigned to cover the Endoscopy Suites. It was a relatively busy day, and Cindy was the charge nurse. Early in the afternoon, I interviewed a patient for a procedure, and although he was someone with chronic pulmonary disease, he said he hadn’t been taking any of his five prescribed medications, because his doctor had retired and his medicines couldn’t be refilled. He and his wife described how they had attempted to get an appointment with a local PA (not sure of the affiliation), and their appointment had been cancelled due to COVID issues. They were unable to schedule another appointment.
Regardless, I emerged from the room and expressed my frustration to Cindy, “This patient just needs a doctor!”.  I moved on to my next patient. Without further prompting, Cindy went into the Bronson website and after a short search, printed up a list of 10 possible practice resources for this family and presented it to them. They were thrilled that she had taken the time to do this—and I was impressed with Cindy’s concern for this patient’s well-being, far beyond the concerns of the day! She’s a gem and should be applauded.