She worked so hard to make sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed

Marjorie Thompson, Patient

I am an employee at Bronson Internal Medicine and Rheumatology, but in November I was a patient. I was scheduled to have surgery on my hip. The nurse, Denise J., was a delight! She worked so hard to make sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed.

Upon waking after surgery, I was in so much pain (like none I have ever felt), Denise was right by my side holding my hand and helping me focus on my breathing. I was having severe muscle spasms in my hip and they were working hard to get the pain under control. After what seemed to be hours (not sure how long it really was) the anesthesiologist came in and did a block which finally worked.

I was offered a drink and I requested Mountain Dew which was not available in recovery. Denise took the time and went to find me a Mountain Dew. Denise stayed with me until I was finally comfortable even though she was due to go home. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me!

By the time I was sent to my room, room service was no longer available so another nurse, Erin B., wrote down what I wanted and went and got it herself and brought it up to me, along with another Mountain Dew (LOL). Because of these two nurses, an experience that was quickly going bad, ended up being mostly positive. I will be forever grateful to these two nurses.