She treats everyone with such compassion

Leslie Zook, Employee

So quick back story – I just started working at Bronson Orthopedic Trauma, Foot & Ankle in February and came from working at home due to the pandemic. I tried working from home, but it just wasn’t for me. Having no medical background but just a love of people in general, I was happily surprised how well I adjusted to the team. EVERYONE was so welcoming and kind and I feel extremely fortunate to be here. Fast forward a few months and I have come to notice one nurse in particular (not that the entire medical staff isn’t amazing…) in the office who honestly seems exceptional and that is Jessica Musk, RN. From my desk I can hear some of her phone conversations and the time she takes to listen to each patient is just extraordinary. She treats everyone with such compassion and continually goes above and beyond. I see her stay late often and she is constantly trying to find ways to ensure that her patients are getting unsurpassed care. I feel lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing group, but really wanted to call out Jessica as I see/hear her efforts and felt that they should be acknowledged. Thank you for allowing me to  express my gratitude for Jessica – she really is outstanding!