She treated me like a person and not a patient

Kristy Purdy , Patient

I am a 43 year old and I have had spine problem for many years. I was seen at the Bronson Spine & Scoliosis Specialists office. I thought I would never find relief from my pain. I first had neck surgery and then had to have emergency back surgery. I have never had a medical assistant in a doctors office work so hard to help me. Nikki from my doctors office went above and beyond her job duty. She called me everyday to make sure I was okay. She made sure my meds where taken care of. She treated me like a person and not a patient. She is respectful and kind and it wasn’t fake, it was her. She deserves the highest award for kindness and caring for another human being. We need more people like her in the medical field. Thank you Nikki medical assistant at Dr. Joshua Ellwitz office at Bronson Spine & Scoliosis Specialists.