She took extra steps to ensure we could remain with these skilled and compassionate nurses


Becky Collard, Bronson’s Patient Financial Navigator, has identified programs to aid our family in covering out-of-pocket costs for our son’s costly medications to treat his common variable immune deficiency. In the 15 years he’s received specialty care- no one has done this for us. Most recently she took extra steps to ensure we could remain with the skilled and compassionate nurses at the Bronson Infusion Center versus having to transfer to an ambulatory care facility. We are so appreciative of all of her work and commitment to our family. We’ve received great care at multiple facilities across the state and mid-west. We seek the best for our son’s treatment- it’s great to know we have such a strong advocate looking out for us right here at home. We have not run across anyone else like Becky in all of the other medical centers we’ve worked with. Thank you!!