She provides great comfort for her patients

Anonymous, Employee

Angie has always been an amazing nurse in my eyes. Very caring and comforting for all her patients throughout the eight years that I have known her from working on the 5th floor. Her compassion goes beyond anything that I could ever imagine. She is in the correct field if there ever was one designed for a specific one person. When there is something going on with her patients, she is there delving into what it is that she can do to make it right, and make things better for them.

When we have patients who have been in the hospital for long term she advocates for them with the physicians for a doctors order so they can either go outside for a breath of fresh air, or even to leave the floor for a little visit to the window and see the outdoors. There was a situation during COVID-19 where a patient was not going to live much longer. Angie got approval to wheel the patient downstairs to visit a friend through the outdoor window.

She empathizes and provides great comfort for her patients. I truly look up to her and know that if I have family in the hospital and they are to be cared for by Angie, they are being cared for by the best.


Angie Shifflett is a nurse on the C5/Oncology Unit at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital. She is the recipient of the 2021 Hazel Latondress Compassion Award, and was recognized during the Nursing Excellence Celebration.