She provided the finest medical care i’ve experienced

Anonymous, Patient

All I can say is Thank You from the bottom of my heart! I was in agony when I checked in. My bladder was bursting with pain after the procedure that afternoon. The ED nurse – Allison Seeley – was so kind and indicated to the doctors what was wrong and they indicated that was a problem and ordered the catheter right away. What was special is the care that went into the procedure and the explanation of how it was to be attended to when I went home. Allison took the time to carefully explain how it worked and the maintenance of it. She did it at least twice very carefully especially the switching it over to the night bag and back at least twice until I was sure that I knew what to do. She then gave me some sterile wipes and explained the importance of using them. I must say that this is the finest treatment done by a professional in a hospital setting that I’ve experienced. It was very professional and one that I’ll never forget. It’s the way you would always like to have it in a medical experience. Thank you Allison.