She made me feel strong and empowered

Brittany Rider, Patient

I was admitted to labor and delivery at Bronson BirthPlace – Kalamazoo very unexpectedly and 3 weeks prior to our due date. My husband and I were very anxious, nervous, unprepared yet excited the time was finally near. We had our beautiful baby girl 2 days later.

I am very thankful for all the nurses on the floor that weekend, but there was one that left a footprint. Jillian was amazing and this thank you is not enough! She immediately put my mind at ease. Her gentleness, knowledge, patience, reassurance.. she had everything I needed at the right time, including a hand to squeeze during contractions! She made me feel strong and empowered. Her encouragement made her feel more like a friend than a nurse that I had just met. Jillian even took time out of her shift the next day to visit us in the MBU and brought baby girl a pink hat that said “Faith”.

Jillian, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you did to help bring our blessing into this world. Thank you for all you do
everyday. Nurses like you make the birth process one to be loved and cherished. You are amazing!