She made a dreary time in my mom’s life brighter

Anonymous, Family Member

My elderly mother was a recent patient on the 3rd floor Adult Care floor, North Campus. After 3 previous hospital stays this year and a lengthy stay in a rehab facility, my father, siblings and I had many concerns and questions about our moms state of health and future care. Although we had very good care from all our nurses at Bronson, Sarah K. stood out from the rest for a number of reasons that I feel she should be recognized for.

Sarah K. exemplifies all that nurses should be. It is clear that for her, nursing isn’t a job. It’s her passion. She tenderly cared for my mom with a bright smile, trying to make what is a dreary time in my mom’s life brighter. I personally think she smiles in her sleep! She approaches even difficult moments with a positive attitude. Talk about Bronson Positivity.

My mom didn’t want to eat anything. With a hemoglobin of 6, it was extremely important that she begin to regain her strength. Sarah K. helped her nutritionally by making her an Ensure milkshake so that she would eat. She was helpful and creative in finding ways to help my mom get better. Even when she wasn’t specifically my moms nurse, she would have been willing to whip up this signature milkshake. We were appreciative.

We had so many questions. Sarah K. was kind and patient and willing to answer each one. If there were questions that she couldn’t  answer, she helped find us the resources we needed. In short, not only was my family appreciative of Sarah’s care of my mom, we were grateful for her kindness toward our family at a difficult time for us, too. If the medical world had more Sarah’s, I think people would heal faster and go home sooner. As a retired teacher, I think she would make an outstanding mentor for new nurses.

Sarah K. is the epitome of what a nurse should be.

Sarah Klobucher, BSN, RN, is a nurse on the medical intensive care unit (MICU) at Bronson Methodist Hospital. She is the recipient of the Q4 2019 DAISY Award. Read her second nomination hereLearn more about the Award, or nominate another Bronson nurse who has gone above and beyond to ensure exceptional care for patients and families.