She left here with no breaks, a set of crutches, and a positive experience

Sandy White, Bronson Employee

It’s never easy when your family member becomes the patient. I work in the ER… but on Tuesday evening, 8/22, my role was reversed when my 13 yr old granddaughter injured her leg and suddenly had to come to the Emergency department. Because my granddaughter plays a variety of sports… and is very frightened of the hospital, we had added concern for her visit.  But thankfully, this visit was extremely positive.

Her care began in triage with Stephanie B (charge RN) Pam C.( Triage RN, Denton V.(ED tech)… and I believe Anna, RN, assisting in getting her registered and vitals completed. Then, off to her rm 38, where Elisha (RN), Mat (ED tech) and Dr. Gibson were there to provide my granddaughter with a great care and compassion and helping to make her stay a pleasant one.(I am sure there were others involved but I didn’t have all their names).

The entire time she was there, she stayed on her phone, sharing her experience with many of her fellow classmates and friends. Her experience became their experience…. and because of this excellent care provided to my granddaughter, she left here with no breaks, a set of crutches, a positive experience and proof to her friends that Bronson is a great place to go and not be afraid.  I can’t thank everyone enough for the care they provided… and the peace of mind they gave us.

I may work here, but I will never take for granted the great people we have working in the ED…working at Bronson.. and providing excellent care to both the patient and the family members. This grandmother is thankful.

Thank you all!  Sandy White…aka: Grandma

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