She is the walking definition of Bronson Positivity

Erin Blair, Patient

I started seeing Jody Wertz after a move from Grand Haven brought me back to the Kalamazoo area. In my time there I had given birth to two amazing children just 13 months apart. I had grown to trust my physicians there and even considered commuting to keep them. Then I accepted a position at Bronson and for insurance and financial reasons decided it was best to seek a local provider.

I had previously been a patient in Bronson Family Medicine – Shaffer St. when it was Gull Road Medical Practice and although I didn’t know Jody at that time, I was comfortable going back to them. I scheduled a check up, and the first thing that delighted me was that Jody was willing to see me after normal business hours to accommodate my work schedule.

When she came into the room, she talked to me like she had known me forever, thus taking care of all of my anxiety issues. She explained every part of my exam, why she was doing it, what she was looking for, and how my treatment plan would progress. She never made me feel rushed. She never made me feel like I needed to hurry my questions or concerns along. She made a referral for me to another specialist, and said “this is who I would send my family to, and if they are good enough for my family, they are good enough for my patients”. She treated me with the utmost respect and dignity, especially when discussing post pregnancy complications that can be difficult to talk about. She was supportive, encouraging, and like talking to a true friend.

Every time I have needed anything I can send her a MyChart message and it is always answered within 24 hours, if not the same day. Jody brings a sense of peace, of compassion, and total concern and commitment to making sure she is not only treating you the best way possible, but also so that understand the treatment, side effects, possible need for adjustments and further check up appointments to ensure things are progressing as they properly should. She uses her own life experiences and stories as a way to relate to her patients and make them leave knowing she cares. Bronson has an unsung hero in her and her commitment and dedication to her patients and their families. She is the walking definition of Bronson Positivity and I am proud to know her as a provider and feel also like a friend.