She is an expert in every sense of the word

Anonymous, Employee

a. We would like to nominate Terri Williams for the expertise award. She has been an Endoscopy team member for almost 18 years. Terri is a hard working staff member who is willing to learn new skills and is knowledgeable of all procedures, therefore making her one of our go to people. She has obtained her CGRN through SGNA and has encouraged coworkers to do the same by organizing study sessions to help them prepare for their exam. Terri has organized Journal Club meetings to review important Endoscopy topics. She also encourages and supports coworkers to obtain their NPAL. She is very flexible and available to help team members out by picking up or changing shifts, pick up on call, or help out with whatever needs to be done during the day with all the changes that can occur on a daily basis. She is a very strong team member who goes out of her way to recognize people for their birthdays, retirement, and other special occasions.

b. Every unit would be proud and honored to have a nurse with the level of dedication and drive for excellence that Terri exemplifies. Nursing is a profession that has a focus on the health and well-being of patients. Terri takes that one step farther and ensures that her coworkers are taken care of as well. She wants others to succeed and enjoys celebrating when their goals have been achieved. She spearheaded a formal study group for nurses interested in achieving their certification for gastroenterology nursing. She had set up weekly topics and encouraged each nurse to choose a topic to present and educate the rest of the nurses to help cement that knowledge for the exam. She is the embodiment of Bronson’s values and Key Behaviors and is eager to continually learn and expand his/her gastroenterology nursing knowledge. She learns new skills to help out in other areas in the Endoscopy Unit; like scope decontamination and specialized procedures. She is currently the only nurse in the department that is a Certified Gastroenterology Nurse, that in itself carries a level of expertise that others do not have yet. She attends conferences to utilize evidence-based practice in the clinical setting. She attended a conference, and the speaker talked about the new uptick of CBD oil use and how studies show that the oil can amplify the effect of “blood thinning” agents. This information has helped us to also address the use of CBD oil with the GI patients because many times we take biopsies and polypectomies that already increase patients chances for bleeding. All of these things show that Terri is not only a mentor and encourages teamwork, but he/she is helping to promote a healthy work environment for her patients and his/her peers. She is an expert in every sense of the word!

c. I nominate Terri Williams RN for Expertise Nursing Award. Terri is the living definition of an expert in Endoscopy. I have the honor of working with her in the Endoscopy unit over the past four years, where she serves as the only Endoscopy Certified Nurse. Terri has a wealth of knowledge and is always seeking opportunities to share her Gastroenterology Nursing knowledge with those around her. Terri’s expertise in Gastroenterology Nursing combined with her infectious enthusiasm for teaching others inspired so many of our Unit to pursue the endoscopy certification. Despite our hectic schedules in and outside of work, Terri organized a formal SGNA study group. Throughout the duration of the study group, Terri not only provided ample study material, but she served as our coach and mentor throughout the preparation. She encouraged each participant to lead a session, which helped us gain more in-depth knowledge of each topic and also fostered a stronger feeling of camaraderie among our unit. Terri continuously encourages me to renew my commitment to my personal professional growth. I recently completed my first NPAL (Nursing Professional Advancement Ladder) application. Throughout this process, Terri guided me through each detailed step for NPAL. Her encouragement during this process was welcomed and appreciated.

  • Terri Williams is a true professional nurse. She uses her knowledge in Endoscopy as a tool to empower our entire staff.
  • Terri is continuously learning and shares this knowledge with nurses and technicians in our area to help us stay current with the best Gastroenterology practices.
  • Terri Williams is the expert in Gastroenterology- the expert that is using his/her talents to help build up her team, which in turn helps to provide the best patient care experience possible.