She is a huge resource for our team

Anonymous, Employee

Jill has been a nurse at Bronson for 42 years and has worked in Pre-Admissions for 32 of those years. She takes pride in her job and in the care of her patients. As evidence of the pride and commitment Jill has in her job is that she shows up to work every day with a positive attitude, despite her own health issues that could potentially prevent many of us from wanting to come to work, or even have the ability to continue in a job.

She does not see herself as a resource but she surely is with her wealth of knowledge and willingness to share it. If you have a question or problem, you can go to Jill, and she probably has the answer somewhere. In the case she doesn’t have the answer, she will help you find what you are looking for.

She is always upbeat and willing to help any of her peers, never complaining. Jill is the one that keeps track of the department birthdays and collects money for gifts for special occasions (weddings, babies, first time grandbabies and the loss of loved ones). Everyone in the department gets a yearly birthday card that she picks out, and it is always very appropriate to that staff member’s personality. She then sends it around to everyone to sign and congratulate staff member having the birthday. If you happen to be having a milestone birthday (30, 40, 50, or 60), sometime around your birthday you will come in to streamers and signs and other fun things hanging in your office – and I still am unable to figure out exactly when she does this so that no one sees her… and she arranges a little celebration that always includes cake. Jill is a role model in regards to her work ethic and her recognition of everyone in the department. She makes working in this department a fun and rewarding place to work.


Jill Shadley is a nurse in the Pre-Admissions Unit at Bronson Methodist Hospital. She is the recipient of the 2021 Hazel Latondress Pride Award, and was recognized during the Nursing Excellence Celebration.